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Docker, Mesos, Marathon, and the End of Pets

A Few Words on Pets and Cattle The pets vs cattle metaphor is not a new one, and with apologies to my vegan friends, not mine, but bears briefly repeating. Essentially, ssh-ing into a machine, configuring it just so, and naming it after something cute or an erudite allusion – that’s a pet. You’re sad if...

Practical Hadoop Streaming – Dealing with Brittle Code

It is a universal truth that our own code is perfect and that had we simply written every line of our project, every library, none of this would be happening. Let’s say that you’ve decided you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, but for some reason, your employer just isn’t into paying you to...

Gratuitous Hadoop: Stress Testing on the Cheap with Hadoop Streaming and EC2

Things have a funny way of working out this way. A couple features were pushed back from a previous release and some last minute improvements were thrown in, and suddenly we found ourselves dragging out a lot more fresh code in our release than usual. All this the night before one of our heavy API users...

Factual is Hiring!

Are you passionate about open data? Are you interested in working at a cool start-up that’s on the cutting edge of technology? Are you a fan of heavy metal bands from the 1980s? If you said “yes” to at least two of these questions, then you’re in luck – because Factual is hiring! We currently have...

Gil's Birthday and Brand New T-Shirts

So a certain Factual CEO had a birthday today, and to celebrate we had a little party in the office and sported our brand-new Factual T-shirts. –- The Factual Team