Marketers Are Uncertain But Embracing Mobile Location Data [Report]

Looking ahead to 2017, most experts are optimistic about business prospects. There are four trends, however, that could make 2017 even brighter for some according to Factual CRO Rob Jonas.


Mobile Campaign Data Quality Remains An Issue

Factual and the Mobile Marketing Association surveyed marketers and agencies to reveal important findings regarding the importance of data quality.

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Factually Correct

Vikas Gupta, VP of Strategy at Factual discusses the importance of location and data.


Factual’s Jonas: 7 Location-based Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2017

Factual CRO Rob Jonas at geo-data specialist Factual counts down the seven issues that will shape 2017’s digital advertising marketplace.

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Factual Exec: Location Data Is Best Way To Determine a Consumer's Real Self

An executive from Factual spoke at the MMA SM2 Innovation Summit 2016 about the importance of combining location data with place data and advised how brands and marketers can take advantage of these two metrics.