Global Places

Database of over 65 million local businesses and points of interest in 50 countries accessible via API or download.

Extended Attributes


43 restaurant specific attributes for restaurants of every type in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia.


Database of over 1 million physician, dentist, and healthcare provider listings with the key data you need to make informed decisions.


Database of 140,000 hotel listings with over 35 attributes covering everything you need to know about a hotel.

Mobile Personalization and Ad Targeting

Transform location signals into contextual data, enabling you to deliver personalized and relevant app experiences, content, and ads to mobile users.

Geopulse Audience

Real-world user profiles with demographic, geographic, and behavioral information generated by analyzing geo-behavioral patterns.

Geopulse Proximity

High volume, low latency geofencing to deliver contextually relevant content, experiences, and ads based on where mobile users are.

Geopulse Geotag

Global reverse geocoding to easily tag digital content with meaningful location information.

Data Mapping and Cleaning

Clean, connect, and enhance location data with Factual's suite of data cleaning and mapping tools.


Data management - use Factual's data stack to clean and de-dupe location data or map your data to Factual data. Use our real-time API or contact us for information on batch Resolve services.

Places Crosswalk

A mapping of places across 50+ different services including Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter. Crosswalk is the easiest way to bridge multiple location APIs.

World Geographies

Names and relationships of 5 million geographies around the globe with translations in 19 different languages.

Consumer Products Data

Global Products

Data on over 600,000 consumer packaged goods in a UPC centric database with ingredients and nutrition information.

Products Crosswalk

A mapping of products across 35+ different services including Amazon, Walmart, and Nextag. The easiest way to integrate different affiliate programs for CPG products.