Location Intelligence for your app

Engine is a mobile SDK that enables you to engage users in the right place at the right time.

Create targeting rules and push them to your app without having to code, using the Garage web UI.



  • Detect arrivals in ~2min
  • Filter drive-by false positives
  • Detect proximity to POIs
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  • 18+MM POIs US, 100+ MM POI worldwide
  • 475 categories
  • 1,800+ retail chains
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  • Business operating hours
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
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Highly accurate location detection

Using our machine learning model, Engine can correctly identify that you are inside a particular place, even if your latitude/longitude in relation to the geofence indicates otherwise.

Why Use Engine


Mobile-first architecture

  • Machine Learning on Device
  • Less data transfer than alternative solutions
  • Low network dependencies and low battery drain

High Quality Data and Accurate Targeting

  • Built on Factual's business and POI data: trusted by major technology brands such as Facebook, Apple, and Uber
  • More accurate than geofencing

Built for Scale and Rapid Iteration

  • Target chains and categories of businesses with a few clicks
  • No hardware beacons required
  • Available in the US now, and expanding into Europe and Asia soon