Circumstance should drive user experience. Understand circumstance with the Engine Mobile SDK - fueled with Factual location data.

Nuanced Circumstances

Engine helps your app understand a wide variety of nuanced user circumstances.

Place Arriving at any coffee shop, departing an office building near any Costco
Time Business operating hours, work week*, happy hour*
Mobility* Walking, driving
Behavior* First time visitor, regular visitor
Events* At a Dodgers game, near a concert

* Features not available in beta.

Choose Your Approach

Engine makes it easy to work with circumstances. You can either set up a Circumstance Notifier to let your app know if a specific circumstance has been met, or your app can query for a user's current circumstance using Circumstance On-Demand.

Circumstance notifier
Circumstance On-Demand
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Engine is in Beta

It’s never too early to give your app a boost.

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  • Available for iOS (Android coming soon).
  • Available in the US (international coverage coming soon).
  • Check out the developer documentation to learn more.
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