Circumstance should drive user experience. Understand circumstance with the Engine Mobile SDK - fueled with Factual location data.

Nuanced Circumstances

Engine helps your app understand a wide variety of nuanced user circumstances.

Place Current place by individual location, category, or major chain
Nearby businesses by individual location, category, or major chain
Individual business operating hours
Time Canonical commuter, dining, work hours
Day of week
Activity Walk
More coming*
Behavior** Repeat visits by individual location, category, or major chain
Common areas of activity by postal code, city
Average dwell time by location

* Engine has a proprietary motion sensing stack. We’ll be adding richer activity detection over time. For example: Up/down in elevators, on a boat, on a subway, or blasting off in a rocket.
** Not shipping in beta.

Choose Your Approach

Engine makes it easy to work with circumstances. You can either set up a Circumstance Notifier to let your app know if a specific circumstance has been met, or your app can query for a user's current circumstance using Circumstance On-Demand.

Circumstance notifier
Circumstance On-Demand
Engine logo

Engine is in Beta

It’s never too early to give your app a boost.

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  • Help shape the future of Engine with your feedback.
  • Available for iOS (Android coming soon).
  • Available in the US (international coverage coming soon).
  • Check out the developer documentation to learn more.
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