Geopulse Audience combines the power of Factual’s global location data and deep understanding of location to analyze the geo-behavior of mobile users to generate rich user profiles to help you understand your users.

Mobile Publishers & App Developers

Personalize your app experience with contextual awareness to deliver more timely and relevant content to your mobile users.

Mobile Ad Exchanges, DSPs, and Networks

Enable your advertisers to deliver relevant content to the correct user in the optimal context.

Rich User Profiles

Transform intermittent location data into demographic, geographic, and behavioral attributes. Understand your users better to provide a contextually aware experience.


Race, Household Income, Gender, Age, Mom, Dad, Parent, College Student.


Home Location (Postcode), Hyperlocal Areas of Activity, Geographic areas ranked by significance to the user: DMAs, MSAs, countries, states, cities, postcodes.


Traveler (Business, Leisure, Frequent), Health Care Provider, In-market Auto Buyer, Movie Goer, Live Sports Fan, Affluent Customer, Golfer, Electronics Buyer, QSR (Fast Food Restaurant) Diner, Daily Commuter, Outdoor Enthusiast, Electronic Conference Attendee, Shopper, Entertainment Enthusiast, Financial Services Customer, Superstore Shopper, NFL Enthusiast.

Tailored Location

Create a segment from scratch by defining the specific places your desired users go.

*Custom segments are also available

Geopulse Audience Designer

Do It Yourself Audiences - mix and match any combination of Audience Segments to create the precise audience optimized for your campaign.

  • Easy to use web-based tool accessible by anyone on your team.
  • Quickly and easily design your audience using any combination of segments.
  • Supports complex AND and OR logic, providing even more power and flexibility to design your audience.
  • Provides impression and device reach estimates to simplify ad campaign planning.

Designed for Mobile Location Data

Geopulse Audience is designed to work with the intermittent, coarse, and inconsistent location data generated by mobile devices today.

Data Cleaning

We identify and discard untrustworthy data points - sometimes between 15-25% of the inputs.

Intermittent Data

Profiles can be created with as few as 200 data points over a 2 week period and will be improved with more attributes and higher confidence scores as additional data comes in.

Easy to Implement

Geopulse Audience is asynchronous, does not require an on-device SDK, and is implemented on the server.

Providing Data to Factual

Send timestamped coordinate-pairs with hashed user IDs via a REST interface or bulk upload in a single dump, and/or trickled in over time.

Pulling Profile Data from Factual

Profiles are provided in JSON format via bulk files or API, and designed for implementation on your local infrastructure.

Private and Secure

Privacy is paramount when discussing user data and user profiles, and we take our responsibilities here particularly seriously.

TRUSTe Certified
TRUSTe European Safe Harbor certification

Our privacy policy and privacy practices have been certified by TRUSTe to be compliant with their Web Privacy and TRUSTed Data program requirements.

Secure User Data

Factual’s partners retain their ownership of the user data provided to Factual.

Attributes, not Individuals

Profiles returned by Geopulse Audience do not identify individuals and only contain descriptive attributes about the mobile user.

Additional Products for Mobile Personalization and Ad Targeting

Geopulse Proximity

High volume, low latency geofencing to deliver contextually relevant content, experiences, and ads based on where mobile users are.

Geopulse Geotag

Global reverse geocoding to easily tag digital content with meaningful location information.

Global Places

Definitive database of over 65 million local business and point of interest listings in 50 countries.

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