Global Reverse-Geocoding

Geographic context for digital content anywhere in the world.

  • Available for every country in the world.
  • Translate latitude/longitude coordinates into corresponding city, neighborhood, state, and country.
  • Disambiguate similar place names (e.g. Paris, Texas, US vs. Paris, France) with unique entity IDs and explicit identifiers tied to our World Geographies data.

Designed for Mobile Context

Designed for the speed and scale demanded by mobile.

  • Complete 4,000-6,000 queries per second on commodity hardware.
  • Run on your own infrastructure or use Factual’s REST service.
  • Geotag millions of coordinates at an affordable rate.

Powered by Open Data

Built on open data sources like OpenStreetMap.

  • Keep the rights to the data (within the terms of the source data).
  • Fastest growing global map.
  • Contribute your own improvements.

Try the Geopulse Geotag Demo!

Geotag Demo
Table JSON
Try out Geopulse Geotag by clicking anywhere on the map below.
Try out Geopulse Geotag by clicking on the map below.

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Developer Documentation

On-Prem Solution

Contact us for pricing on additional calls or for details on the on-premise version of Geopulse Geotag.