Factual…Off and Running

What an exciting week it’s been! Factual’s public launch was only seven day ago, and the feedback we’ve received – from the press, bloggers, “tweeters,” and tech enthusiasts – has been tremendously encouraging. One thing is for sure: there’s a growing interest among Internet users for more open, transparent, and reliable data. And while Factual currently hosts a good deal of data – our California restaurant table alone has over 54,000 rows – we’re just getting started.

Welcome to Factual Inc.

Decisions.  They are made every day.  Some are made on the fly such as when a low fuel alert prompts me to stop at the nearest gas station.  Some are more considered, involving detailed research and analysis, perhaps on the Internet or consulting with friends or experts.  And others are made for us, by our friends and family, or our government.  An important question is: are we all, given the data available to us today, making good, well-informed decisions?  One thing is nearly certain, if your data isn’t accurate and accessible, a good decision isn’t likely to follow.