Coding on the Walls in Our New Office!

It’s been a busy couple weeks for us here at Factual. Right on the heels of our Series A funding announcement (not to mention the holiday season), Team Factual packed up shop and moved into our new headquarters in the heart of Century City. It’s a lot more spacious than our previous digs, and our amazing office gurus Melanie and Philip did a fantastic job designing the new place and having it up and running our first week.

Thinking in Clojure for Java Programmers (Part 1 — A Gentle Intro)

We do a lot of Java work at Factual. Most of our back-end data store is written in Java, and we use a ton of Java libraries and frameworks. We recently began experimenting with Clojure in certain parts of our data store. Clojure is a Lisp implementation that runs on the JVM and offers excellent Java interoperability.

An Update from Gil: Factual Raises $25M in Series A Round

Today, Factual is pleased to make an exciting announcement: that we have raised $25 million in funding for our Series A round. The financing was co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures, with participation from Michael Ovitz and SV Angel (Ron Conway). In addition, Ben Horowitz and Danny Rimer, from Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures respectively, will join the Factual board of directors.