Gil Speaking at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany (January 23-25)

Next week, leading minds of the digital and global economy will converge in Munich, Germany at the DLD Conference to talk about new markets and innovation in the digital, life and design sectors. Factual’s very own Gil Elbaz will participate on the “Search Beyond Search” panel with Mark Drummond (Wowd), Ilya Segalovich (Yandex) and moderated by industry luminary Esther Dyson.

How to Hack Jet Lag with 4 Simple Tools

A while back I traveled to China to visit the Factual offices in Shanghai. There was an 8 hour time difference and from experience I knew that can induce some serious jet lag.

Gratuitous Hadoop: Stress Testing on the Cheap with Hadoop Streaming and EC2

Things have a funny way of working out this way. A couple features were pushed back from a previous release and some last minute improvements were thrown in, and suddenly we found ourselves dragging out a lot more fresh code in our release than usual. All this the night before one of our heavy API users was launching something of their own. They were expecting to hit us thousands of times a second and most of their calls touched some piece of code that hadn’t been tested in the wild. Ordinarily, we would soft launch and put the system through its paces. But now we had no time for that. We really wanted to hammer the entire stack, yesterday, and so we couldn’t rely on internal compute resources.