Gil to Speak at Data 2.0 Conference

Our CEO Gil will be participating in the upcoming Data 2.0 Conference in San Francisco on April 4th. Data 2.0 is a full-day conference that spotlights how greater accessibility to data will impact the future of business, technology, and society.

Contest Time! Build an App with IndexTank and Factual

It’s time for our new contest. The theme for this one is: local businesses! By hacking up an application that uses both IndexTank real-time custom search API and Factual’s dataset of 14M US businesses.

You could win:

A new iPad 2 + Smart Cover (1st place)
A Parrot Quadcopter Air Drone (2nd place) Check out the views from above while you hover your new toy from afar. You’ve seen the ads — now’s your chance to get one.
An Amazon Kindle (3rd place)
Plus all live apps will get a free t-shirt from IndexTank & Factual and featured in IndexTank’s App Gallery

Is That a Fact?

One of the product management interview questions I’ve been asking of recent is this: “how tall was Napoleon?” The question requires a prop – a print out of search results for how tall was napoleon.