Factual’s Tyler Bell to Speak at TechWeek in Chicago

Tyler Bell, Director of Product at Factual, will be speaking at TechWeek in Chicago on the “Technology of Solving Big Problems” panel. He will be joined by Geoff Domoracki (Co-Founder, CEO of midVentures), Brandon Kessler (CEO of ChallengePost), and Dave Weekly (Founder of PBWorks). The panel will take place on Saturday, July 23 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Conference Room C of the Merchandise Mart. The discussion will address the ideas of Open Innovation and Open collaboration, specifically how technology enables people and businesses to contribute to collective innovation and problem solving. As Factual’s data sets are the distilled result of billions of machine- and user-inputs, we should have much to contribute, and certainly just as much to learn.

Startup Fitness Advice from Battle-Hardened Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it: the quality that makes entrepreneurs great is the same one that can turn them into overworked slobs. Most entrepreneurs are driven by an intense passion for one thing or the desire to achieve one goal, be it the creation of the most-loved app in the world or of a fast-growing, sustainable company. Each is a geek at heart who is motivated by rabid fans, the popular girl who wouldn’t look twice at him in high school being on his arm, and the addiction and adrenaline of the rocket ship. If you have a start-up, here are a few tips to keep you and your employees healthy, happy, balanced, and good-looking.

LA Tech Job Fair Recap

Last night we hosted the LA Tech Job Fair at our offices in Century City and we are extremely excited to say that it was an amazing success. Over 140 people attended, with 40+ company representatives, 90+ candidates, and ~10 friends/members of the community.