Factual Resolve

The Internet is awash with data. Where ten years ago developers had difficulty finding data to power applications, today’s difficulty lies in making sense of its abundance, identifying signal amidst the noise, and understanding its contextual relevance. To address these problems Factual is today launching Resolve – an entity resolution API that makes partial records complete, matches one entity against another, and assists in de-duping and normalizing datasets.

Gil Elbaz at Web 2.0 Summit – A Path to Data Liquidity

Gil will be speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit tomorrow (Tuesday 10/18/11) at 4:45 pm in the Grand Ballroom. His speech, titled “A Path to Data Liquidity”, will discuss how data accessibility is crucial to increasing rates of innovation and some ideas on how to facilitate increased access to data. The speech touches on some of the main ideas behind Factual and how we think about the world over here. The Web 2.0 Summit is being livestreamed so if you are unable to be there in person you can still see all the speeches.