Crosswalk the Web with Java and Factual

Factual is pleased to announce the release of a new Java driver for our API. The driver supports Factual’s API features, including Crosswalk, Resolve, and geo location functionality around the Factual Places API.

A Globally Transparent API

We’ve been globalizing our services over the last few months at Factual to better serve the needs of a borderless Internet: all global place data is now accessible via a single API endpoint, and we’ve added two new countries, China and Canada. With this announcement, Factual is the only service in the world where developers can access structured information from 55+ million places globally via a single API gateway. We have made it easy for any developer to find all sushi restaurants in the world, all Starbucks in North America, and all service stations in Europe.

Factual Restaurants

When looking for a good restaurant, it’s not enough to just know its address or phone number. You also want to know: Is it open? Can I bring my 4-year old? Will it break my wallet? Do others like it? BYOB? Our Restaurants dataset can now help your users answer these questions and more, supporting use cases such as ‘find me a nice place for dinner in NYC with valet parking and a full bar’. As of today, we offer 43 additional attributes including cuisine, ratings, and hours for the 800k+ restaurants and casual eateries found in our US Places table.

Announcing Our v3 API Stack: Faster Data Using Varnish and Node.js

At Factual we’re pretty obsessed with data.  In particular we love building APIs that let you use data in new and interesting ways.  That was the motivation behind launching our two newest APIs, Resolve and Crosswalk. Another thing we’re obsessed with is performance, which is why we’re excited to announce the release of our re-engineered … Continued

Factual Speaking at EMC Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform and Churchill Club’s The Big Data Effect

We are excited to be a part of EMC Greenplum’s Unified Analytics Platform (UAP) product announcement! Greenplum’s UAP empowers companies and data scientiests to execute a unified, collaborative and agile approach to analytics, supporting a data-driven culture and the growing big data community. Factual’s open data platform is designed to help others innovate faster with data, which is really symbiotic with the goals and ethos of Greenplum’s UAP. We feel very fortunate to be an early participant in this promising ecosystem.

AngelHack Developer Contest

If you’re in the Bay Area, love data, and love to hack, be sure to join us at AngelHack this weekend.  There’s nothing better for burning off all those added Thanksgiving Day pounds than hacking with new friends for 24 hours straight.  As an added bonus, we will be giving away $500 in Amazon gift … Continued