Factual Android SDK

Factual would like to announce the release of the new, officially supported SDK for Android!  Some of you may already be using the Factual Java driver in your Android project, so what’s so different about this version?  We’ve done several things for you:

Defined the exact dependencies needed to get up and running on an Android device.
Provided a sample Android project.  Copy this project as a model for incorporating Factual data in your own application, or use it as a starter to immediately begin work on your new application.

If you’re using Maven, add the driver to your project using:

Otherwise, check the pom.xml file for the required dependencies.

Launching Location and Mobile Ad Targeting Tools

To enhance our Global Places offering, we are announcing three new APIs that will provide developers with powerful geointelligence tools and data designed to increase contextual relevance in today’s mobile world:
Geopulse API
Discover everything that Factual knows about a location: you pass us a latitude and longitude, and we return additional attributes, called ‘pulses’, about that location.  Pulses employ Factual’s network of signals, calculated metrics, and census data to give a unique purview of a given local point.  We’re launching with:

Factual Commercial Density: Relative density of businesses near a location
Factual Commercial Profile: Types of businesses near a location
Demographics: Age, gender, race, median household income for a given location (US only)

We’ll be adding more over the coming months.  Have a look at the demo and documentation to learn more.  Pricing will depend on use case and usage volume.
Reverse Geocoder API
Convert a longitude and latitude into an address for the US and 49 other countries.  More details.
World Geographies API
Learn the names and interrelationships between the world’s natural and administrative geographies – countries, cities, states, continents, regions, and time zones – enhancing the global 60 million businesses and landmarks we currently offer. You will be able to access ~6 million geographies and over 8 million place names in numerous languages.  More details.

Factual Releases Drivers that Matter: Python, Clojure, Haskell

As Factual adds more data and features to its APIs, it’s important that developers have it easy. So we’ve put our heart into releasing client side drivers that matter. Yes, we’ve got drivers like the Java driver and the PHP driver and stuff like that, if that’s what you need. But we’ve also fielded a few drivers that matter in their own special ways: