1.9 Million More US Places

We recently released a new build of our US data that added an additional 1.9 million places, bringing the total from 24.7 million to to 26.6 million. These 26.6 million places were built from 539 million references, up from 521 million reference used in our last release. This increases our Global Places count from 64 million to 66 million total places in 50 countries.

Slides from Clojure/West – Cascalog Logic Programming over Hadoop

Factual engineer Alex Robbins gave a presentation at Clojure/West this past week titled “Cascalog: Logic Programming over Hadoop.” His talk started with an introduction to Cascalog, moved on to a brief tour of its features, and then finished with writing a sample application. For those of you unfamilair with Cascalog, it’s a clojure library built on top of Hadoop that makes it easier to write distributed batch processing jobs. His slides and code examples are both available on github.

Announcing a New Partnership with TripAdvisor

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with TripAdvisor, the largest travel site in the world, to integrate restaurant data from our Global Places data set to complement TripAdvisor’s dining options and reviews. Additionally, TripAdvisor will provide Factual user-generated data to maintain freshness and accuracy for its Global Places data.

Factual Places Now Available in SIC & NAICS

Factual Places are classified into 440 consumer-facing categories. However, as many of our data partners still employ Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, and their more recent replacement, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, we have provided a mapping between Factual categories and these Government standards.