Factual IDs Now Available Under CC-BY License

Factual is a huge supporter of data connectivity: the idea that data gains value when linked to other datasets, and loses value when it is technically or semantically isolated. Pragmatically, this means we recognize that our Global Places data is not the only place data in the world, so we provide a crosswalk of our data to known entities, and tools to match and enrich your own.

Attacking the Structure of Everything – Panel Discussion Featuring Tyler Bell [VIDEO]

Factual Director of Product Tyler Bell joined Anthony Goldbloom (founder/CEO of Kaggle) and Douglas Merrill (founder/CEO of ZestFinance) on a panel moderated by Quentin Hardy (Deputy Tech Editor, New York Times) at UC Berkeley’s DataEDGE conference titled “Attacking the Structure of Everything”. During the discussion they touched on a variety of topics related to data including privacy and how to manage rights to personal data, the challenges in managing the increasing quantities of data within an organization, the challenges of separating signal from noise in massive amounts of data, and how to tell if something is a true or not.

Gil Elbaz Discusses Local Data and Mobile Marketing at Street Fight Summit West [VIDEO]

On June 4, 2013, at Street Fight Summit West, Factual CEO and Founder Gil Elbaz joined Rex Briggs for a fireside chat discussing local data in the context of mobile marketing. Rex is a renowned expert in marketing ROI and, as CEO of Marketing Evolution, works with large advertisers and agencies to help them measure and understand the efficacy of their marketing campaigns.  During their discussion, Gil and Rex touched on topics such as  how location data can help advertisers craft contextually relevant messaging, the role of location data in creating personalized app experiences, and how data can help measure the performance of mobile ads.