New Factual World Geographies Data

Factual World Geographies is our dataset of natural administrative geographic entities: postcodes, localities, regions, townships, states, oceans, countries, countries and continents. It contains 5,218,492 geographies with 8,397,298 placenames in nineteen languages. All places are arranged hierarchically, allowing Factual users to determine the relationship of one place to another. The name variants are a great tool for placename disambiguation, while the ‘neighbors’ relationships will return what places are found adjacent to other places. Basically this is a great resource if you work with non-cartographic, geographic data.

Restaurants Extended Attributes Data Now Covers the United Kingdom

Finding authentic fish and chips just got a little easier. Today, we are pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our extended Restaurants data to include the United Kingdom. While our Global Places data always covered restaurants around the world, the 43 additional restaurant-specific attributes in our Restaurants data were previously only available for the 1.2 million restaurants in the US. The new UK data boasts highlights such as: