The ‘Office Hours’ Meetup

Everyone’s motivations for attending a meetup are good: they want to educate and to learn, to nurture and grow the community, to meet people who share their enthusiasm. And yet, a typical meetup is at best weakly successful in all of these dimensions.

What Do You Drive? Patterns in US Car Dealerships

The first car I ever drove was my mother’s Toyota Highlander. My friends got their first taste of the road much the same, on their parents Hondas and Toyotas, or perhaps Jeeps or Mazdas. Although I didn’t notice it at the time, the majority of these cars were not American made. As it turns out, that was actually a pretty reasonable representation for New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island MSA, where the ratio of popular American car dealerships is slightly lower than foreign ones (there are ~0.64 American car dealerships for each foreign dealership).