Announcing Tailored Location Segments, a New Geopulse Audience Feature Enabling Custom Location-Based Audience Segments

Today, we launched the latest enhancement to Geopulse Audience, Tailored Location Segments. Tailored Location Segments allow marketers to create completely custom audience segments from scratch based on any definition of place and time. These user-created segments can then be combined with any pre-defined segment in Geopulse Audience, enabling marketers unprecedented ability to create the precise audience that best meets their needs. Traditionally, marketers have been forced to choose from pre-defined audiences in a picklist, limiting their campaigns to the availability of targeting – we are reversing that model, enabling marketers to craft their targeting to best fit their ideal campaign.

How Geohashes Work

We use geohashes all the time at Factual, so one day I got curious and read through the canonical Java implementation to figure out exactly how they work. It was an enlightening read, but along the way I encountered some unfortunate bits of coding horror that got me wondering about the fastest way to encode and decode geohashes.