Docker, Mesos, Marathon, and the End of Pets

A Few Words on Pets and Cattle
The pets vs cattle metaphor is not a new one, and with apologies to my vegan friends, not mine, but bears briefly repeating. Essentially, ssh-ing into a machine, configuring it just so, and naming it after something cute or an erudite allusion – that’s a pet. You’re sad if she dies, gets sick, or has her blinky red light go black. Cattle, on the other hand, sit in numbered racks and referenced as numbers perhaps concatenated with a machine class like cow_with_big_ram_and_ssd_00003. If a member of the herd dies, a replacement is provisioned and launches automagically. This analogy applies both in the cloud and corporate datacenters.

Bug Du Jour: CDH5 Upgrade

We upgraded our Hadoop cluster to YARN/CDH5 last weekend, which brought along the usual flurry of “oops, gotta fix this” commits as various services had hiccups, and in many cases refused altogether to do anything useful. Last week Tom sent me my favorite message: “I just want this to work” (seriously, it’s awesome to get these because you never know what kind of bug it is).

Closing out Clojure/West

Clojure is a growing programming language that has gained traction due to its powerful abstractions, well-composed feature set, integration with the JVM and the wealth of available Java libraries. A few weeks ago, two of our engineers had the pleasure of presenting their clojure specialities at Clojure/West, held in Portland. Below you will find the videos for their presentations. Enjoy!