Super Bowl, Super Insights

The Super Bowl is every brand marketer’s holy grail — it’s one of the few remaining events that draws a large live audience, and many tune in for the advertisements as much as they do the game. In less than four hours, the Super Bowl will capture about 2.5% of broadcast network advertising spend for … Continued

The Need for ‘Neutral’ Data and What it Means for Marketers

Astute execs today know that data in marketing technology has become the lifeblood to companies becoming 21st century brands. But while standing up to the challenge of digital transformation, many marketers are still new at managing data central to their businesses. Marketers increasingly expect to activate data for a variety of use cases, and many … Continued

Factual Forecast: Predictions for 2018

Location data shined bright in 2017, with marketers, advertising agencies and technology companies using it to create more personalized experiences leveraging location for their brands throughout the year. Now that everyone has gotten their hands dirty, it’s time to use 2018 to refine the process. Expect to see some big changes in location data and … Continued