Factual Partners with Segment to Make Location Intelligence More Accessible

As time on mobile devices continues to increase and users expect tailored experiences, developers and advertisers need more ways to create personalized moments. Starting today, a new partnership between Factual and Segment makes personalization easy, using location data. Factual’s Engine mobile SDK now integrates with Segment, enabling developers to better understand their users and create … Continued

Introducing Neutronic: Factual’s New Places Pipeline

MoviePass is huge in our engineering department. We love movies. We love schemes. We’re walking distance from the movie theater in the newly refurbished Century City mall. It’s all a movie match made in heaven (or was). So we’re seeing a ton of movies. And that means we’re constantly learning about how, at the end … Continued

NEW REPORT: Mobile Measurement & Targeting by eMarketer

Mobile advertising is growing at a rapid pace, but fragmented formats and standards keep marketers from taking full advantage of the data available to them. In a recent report, eMarketer included Factual research in their exploration of mobile advertising challenges and how improved transparency and measurement can support marketers’ goals in 2018. Here’s a couple … Continued

Introducing Geopulse Insights and Geopulse Measurement

Too often, marketers lack the actionable consumer insights and holistic measurement solutions needed to effectively plan and optimize marketing campaigns. To help solve this problem, Factual is releasing two new products to help marketers understand their customers better, close-the-loop on media campaigns, and boost the long-term impact of their marketing investment. Geopulse Insights takes the guesswork … Continued