What Data Uncovers About Toys “R” Us and the Demise of Retail

The retail landscape is shifting rapidly, and while many are quick to tout the “death of retail,” the reality is that brick-and-mortar purchases still account for 90 percent of total sales. Toys “R” Us is one of the most recent cautionary tales, and while it’s easy to blame competition from one-stop-shop competitors like Target and … Continued

Spring Location Strategies: Family Celebrations

Spring is here, and so are many family celebrations! Over the last few years, Americans have taken celebrating and splurging loved ones up a notch, leading to an all-time record high in American consumer spending in 2017. So how can you leverage location data to capitalize on this spring celebration spend? We’ve created a handy, … Continued

GDPR – Factual’s Commitment to Compliance and Consent

The May 25th, 2018 enforcement date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fast approaching! Like everyone else in the industry, Factual has been preparing for more than a year, conducting thorough audits and developing systems to ensure that we, along with our data suppliers, are taking the necessary steps to fully comply with … Continued