Your Guide to the New Year: Location Strategies for Q1

The new year is rapidly approaching and advertisers are more eager than ever to finish the holiday season strong and maintain momentum into 2019. Factual is here to guide you through the close of Q4 and gear you up for success as we head into the new year. To kickstart your campaigns with the most … Continued

Partner Perspective: Factual Interviews Vistar Media

Vistar Media provides end-to-end programmatic Digital Out of Home solutions for marketers. Recently Factual partnered with Vistar Media to bring Geopulse Audiences & Measurement solutions to DOOH buyers with Vistar Media. Our Director of Strategic Partnerships Leighann Terraforte spoke to Matthew Schuster, CRO at Vistar Media to explore DOOH, recent trends, and what to look … Continued

Defining Your Target With Polygons

Modern marketers are eager to hit the targeting trifecta of finding the right person, at the right time, with the right message. But how can we move beyond an old cliché and bring more effective targeting to fruition? Finding the right person is accomplished with effective audience targeting. Finding the right person at the right … Continued