Quality Matters: How Chevron Increased Visits with Factual Proximity

Marketers are faced with the challenge of operating in an overcrowded landscape. A landscape filled with tools of varying degrees of effectiveness, particularly in the world of data. Empowered with real-time performance reporting, Marketers now observe and modify campaigns to reach their goals in the most efficient manner. Chevron recently took on the challenge of … Continued

Partner Perspective: Amanda Martin of Goodway Group

With massive amounts of data accessible to marketers, how should today’s most innovative brands think about data sources and, more importantly, data partners? What would happen to the advertising industry if all location data just disappeared overnight? We sat down with Amanda Martin, Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships at Goodway Group, to discuss how to … Continued

Tips & Tactics to Elevate Your Summer Strategies

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to start campaign planning for warm-weather consumers. Reach consumers as they plan for summer holidays, vacations, DIY projects, and the fall back-to-school season. Follow our tips below and download the Summer and Fall Planning Guide to see our latest collection of innovative, location-based advertising strategies for Q3 holidays and … Continued

Partner Perspective: Anthony Scarola of Wavemaker

With so much data available to marketers today, how can one differentiate between high-quality data and noise? How are today’s most innovative brands harnessing the power of location data? We sat down with Anthony Scarola, a director across the programmatic section of global agency Wavemaker, to get his thoughts on the latest developments in the … Continued