Super Bowl Showdown: Fan Food Favorites

The 2019 Super Bowl averaged over 98 million viewers and was the highest rated program of the year. That’s a lot of attention on just a handful of brands, so you can understand why marketers spent about $336 million during last year’s game. While we can’t predict this year’s viewership and advertising numbers, we can … Continued

Factual: An Official Champion of Data Privacy Day 2020

In today’s increasingly-connected world, consumers are more aware than ever that data is generated, collected, and used to shape their experiences in both the digital and physical worlds. At the same time, there is a general sense of confusion and uncertainty about what goes on behind the scenes to enable these experiences. As a location … Continued

Factual Continues European Growth With Added Leadership

As the advertising industry settles into the new decade, navigating ongoing regulatory changes and shifts in perception, Factual continues on its mission to provide access to the highest quality location data, powering innovation through real world understanding. In 2019, we announced the news of our GDPR compliance program and the renewed availability of our audience-based … Continued

Factual Announces Data Enrichment for Brands to Enhance and Amplify Customer Data

Marketers today are increasingly expected to create sophisticated, personalized customer experiences while delivering better ROI. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new product, Data Enrichment, designed to help marketers succeed on both fronts. Data Enrichment allows businesses to enrich first-party customer data with Factual’s high quality, real-world visitation data to better … Continued

Factual Forecast: The Transformation of Digital TV in 2020

It’s impossible to ignore that TV advertising is changing in fundamental ways.  TV viewership is more fragmented than ever, particularly in the US with over 200 ad-supported (i.e. Hulu) and subscription-based (i.e. Disney+, Netflix) streaming services now competing with broadcast television for consumer viewership. How consumers watch TV is also changing. Viewership on connected devices … Continued

New Factual TV Audiences Available Now

TV is primed for a monumental year thanks to the proliferation of streaming services and content, continued cord-cutting, and innovation in advertising technology. All of this now enables advertisers to shift their targeting strategies to focus on audiences rather than general content buckets. As consumers continue to adopt ad-supported streaming services like Hulu, Pluto TV … Continued

Centro Integrates Factual Audience Designer Within Basis

Over the past decade, Factual has built a strong network of partner relationships across the adtech ecosystem to ensure brands and advertisers can easily access our high-quality location data within their preferred workflow. Since making our location data available for Centro customers a few years ago, we’ve seen significant growth in our partnership, and we’re … Continued