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3 Ways to Reach Sports Fans Right Now

Have you not yet recovered from the win-or-elimination drama of March Madness? Are you hungry for more? Are you addicted to buzzer beaters, sudden-death shootouts, and penalty kicks?

Spring is in full swing, which means sports fanatics everywhere have a full-slate of high-intensity, nail-biting sporting events to look forward to over the next couple of months. Between the NBA finals, Stanley Cup, baseball season, and the World Cup and U.S. golf tournament coming this summer, there’s truly something for every type of sports fan…and with that, every marketer. Major sporting events are the perfect time for high-impact, high-visibility campaigns and with location data on your roster, you’re sure to snag the W. Sports fans are no exception to the general rule that real-world location data can uncover a wealth of knowledge about consumer intent.

Here are three ways you can reach sports fans right now:

Identify the devoted sports fans you know are going to be interacting with content around the time of a big event. Factual has ready-to-use, sports-specific audiences for your campaigns, such as NBA Finals Viewers, World Cup Watchers, Golfers, and Live Sports Fans.

Interested in an audience segment you don’t see mentioned here? Factual has over 600 Geopulse Audiences or we can even help you create a custom audience tailored to the exact needs of your campaign.

Catch fans at the stadium before, during, and after the game. During the parking lot tailgate or the walk into the stadium are the perfect times to allure a spectator with a promotion for a refreshing, tasty drink they can buy as soon as they get to their seat. Factual’s Geopulse Proximity is easy to use and allows you to accurately geofence the highly-targeted areas that matter most, such as stadiums and arenas.

Already sponsoring the game? Extend your brand sponsorship to mobile by leveraging location in and around the stadiums. Reach and frequency is key for making the most of your sponsorship dollars.

Not every die-hard fan can make it to the game… Take advantage of this opportunity to reach the devoted sports lovers who gather around TVs at local watering holes with family, friends, and even the fans from the rival team. Get creative and think beyond the stadium…Consider using Factual Proximity to target other local areas of interest, such as sports bars, grocery stores before the game, sporting goods stores, colleges & universities, and more.

However you choose to reach sports fans this summer, Factual is here to cheer you on.

Interested in learning more about how location data can improve your campaigns? Contact our team of location experts today.