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Announcing a New Partnership with TripAdvisor

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with TripAdvisor, the largest travel site in the world, to integrate restaurant data from our Global Places data set to complement TripAdvisor’s dining options and reviews. Additionally, TripAdvisor will provide Factual user-generated data to maintain freshness and accuracy for its Global Places data.

“The addition of Factual’s Global Places data to complement TripAdvisor’s current offering will provide consumers the best experience and enormous choices for dining worldwide,” said Eva Ho, Factual’s VP of Marketing and Operations. “The stream of contributions provided by TripAdvisor’s users will reinforce Factual’s Global Places position as the leading source for definitive global data on places.”

TripAdvisor and Factual share a similar global focus, as TripAdvisor operates in more than 30 countries and Factual Global Places data covers 50 countries. This partnership will give the traveler community a more comprehensive view of dining options on TripAdvisor, with over one million restaurants currently represented.

“We appreciate working with creative data providers who can scale and grow with all our data initiatives across the globe,” says Daniel Hawkins, Product Manager at TripAdvisor. “Factual will help us provide a much better user experience.”