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Announcing China Places

你 好! Welcome to China, the world’s fastest-growing major economy, with annual growth rates averaging 10% over the past 30 years. This incredible growth has led China to become the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer of goods. If you have ever thought about tapping into this behemoth of a country, you may be interested with the latest country to leave beta.

Factual’s Shanghai team is excited to announce the formal release of China Places, covering the mainland region of People’s Republic of China. It is currently the second largest country dataset in Factual’s Global Places with over 9.5 million records, including 800K in Shanghai, 600K in Beijing and 250K entities in Guangzhou. The category makeup is around 43% Business & Professional Services, 11% Shopping and 9% Food & Beverage.

If you are developing apps that require China places, points of interest, and landmarks, data is now available through our Global API.

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Allen Zheng
Factual Data Engineer, Shanghai


Hi! 欢迎来到中国。随着30年以来近10%的年经济增长,中国已经成为世界上发展最快的经济体。惊人的发展速度使得中国成为世界上最大的出口国和第二大的货物贸易进口国。如果你曾经想了解中国这个“庞然大物”,那么现在你也许会对我们新发布的中国地点数据感兴趣。

Factual上海团队很高兴地向大家宣布今天我们发布了中国地点数据的正式版。新版本的中国地点数据总共拥有大约950万条记录,覆盖了整个中国大陆地区,是目前Factual全球地点数据库中第二大的国家数据集。其中上海地区拥有约80万条数据记录,北京地区约有60万条记录,广州约有20万条记录。这些数据涵盖了商务公司(43%), 购物消费(11%),餐饮住宿(9%)等主要分类。

如果你正在开发与中国兴趣地点相关的应用,你现在可以通过我们的Global API来使用这些数据。


Allen Zheng