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Announcing the Trusted Data Contributor Program

We are very pleased to launch today the Factual Trusted Data Contributor Program. These organizations work directly with businesses and brands, and in-turn ensure that their data is represented accurately in Factual. We have selected a limited number of partners who provide high-quality data to Factual and equally excellent service to their customers. These organizations have a large number of SMBs and national brands under their belt, and we gladly help them disseminate their customer’s data with fidelity across our network. It’s our pleasure to work with the following organizations:

Trusted Data Contributor
Service Description
Countries Covered
DAC Group
DAC Group ensures their clients locations are found online on a variety of sources, and once they are found, ensure the data is accurate. They also offer review monitoring services. North America, UK
tel: 1-480-505-8877
GoDaddy Get Found gets businesses listed on top sites across the Web. In just a few steps, customers can publish their business information on a variety of search engines, social media and top local sites they can appear everywhere customers are looking. US
LBS Media/MediaBoro
LBS Media assists companies of all sizes with their local listings. They have access to GPS, Social Media and the largest Search verticals. North America, Europe
Location3 is more than a listings manager. A pioneer in the local listings space, this digital agency’s industry-certified experts manage and optimize data for a vast portfolio of clients across the globe. Leveraging 15 years of SEO experience Location3 delivers the analytical insights and cross-platform strategies that only a true dedicated partner can provide. Global
Michaels Wilder
Michaels Wilder provides best-in-class local listing management services. Their Local Listing Management programs provide accurate, up-to-date location information and enriched content to hundreds of search engines, local sites, mobile apps, social sites, and mapping/gps platforms. Our services include listing distribution, profile claiming and reputation management. US, Canada
MomentFeed is a digital marketing platform that connects brands with consumers at the local level. The platform provides an integrated solution to manage Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Yelp. With MomentFeed, brands can capture the unique local audiences around each business location, engage consumers with authentic messages by location and measure marketing performance at each point of sale. Global
Moz Local helps you create and update business listings on the four major aggregators of U.S. business location data, including Factual, as well as other sites and directories that factor into local search results. Once you enter your business location, Moz Local publishes it to its network of data partners, and helps you discover and eliminate duplicate listings—all for just $49/year per location. US
Placeable enables enterprise advertisers to drive brand equity and market growth by unlocking the power of their local market reach. Placeable’s data management platform helps leading brands manage, normalize, and enhance location data at scale for local landing pages, marketing campaigns, and delivery to leading third party listings such as Factual. Placeable manages millions of locations for some of the world’s largest brands including Bank of America, Western Union, and Nationwide Insurance. Global
PositionTech and their allLocal service, allows fortune 500 brands and agencies to manage local business listing information across the web from a single platform. PositionTech distributes business listing information to Search engines, social media platforms, local sites, directories, map services, GPS platforms and all the major data aggregators. In addition, PositionTech performs listings monitoring for accuracy across the internet and review monitoring for reputation management. North America
Rio SEO powers enterprise level local listing management software for retail and service business with more than 1,000 locations. Using Rio SEO’s local platform gives big brands the ability to manage their store finders, search engine map listings, and syndication to data aggregators from a single CMS (content management system). Our award-winning software was chosen as the best-of-breed technology by the Local Search Association. Global
Universal Business Listing (UBL) offers small businesses and enterprise customers a one-stop location to manage business listings on a wide variety of online directories, apps, and data providers. Their standard offerings in multiple countries include syndication to the Factual database. Canada, US, UK, Australia
Where 2 Get It
Where 2 Get It manages location data for national and international brands across brand websites, social media and local search platforms, advertising campaigns, and core location data providers. This location data management service ensures that brands’ data is complete, consistent and accurate wherever consumers may find it. Global
Yext lets marketers manage their local content, listings, store pages, social pages, campaigns, and more through the functionally integrated Yext GeoMarketing Cloud. Over 250,000 businesses, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies and top retailers use the Yext Cloud. Global

Factual is above all else a data platform. While developers can contribute to Factual through our API, we ask all business- and brand-owners to submit data to Factual via a Trusted Data Contributor of their choice. This allows us to focus on the data, while the organizations above can address the wider range of listing management needs.

While the majority of contributions are processed in real-time, it can take longer for certain submissions to be reflected in our data. Our Trusted Data Contributors are however helping us manage the SMBs and brands behind the data, and we’ll continue to improve our workflow and timeliness.

Tyler Bell