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Announcing Two New Attributes for Global Products: Manufacturer and Average Price

Today we’re excited to announce the latest update to our Global Products dataset.  This release includes the addition of two new attributes that many of our partners have been asking for: manufacturer and average price.


The connections between brands and manufacturers may sometimes seem like a complicated web.  By tying together the many brands and products that fall under a single manufacturer or parent company, we’ve made it easier to generate insight about these connections, and about the consumer products marketplace as a whole.

For instance, getting a list of the brands owned by Unilever is now as simple as making a facet call to our API:{“manufacturer”:”unilever”}
preview the data and view the faceted list of brands on the right

Getting a list of products the fall under Unilever brands is just as simple:{“manufacturer”:”unilever”}
preview the data

We’ve started by providing manufacturer data for more than 20 of the top CPG manufacturers and we’ll be rolling out data for additional manufacturers in the near future.

Average Price

When shopping for products online or in a store, it can be difficult to know if you’re getting a good deal.  We’ve eliminated some of the guesswork by providing the average price for the most commonly searched for products.

In addition to getting the average price for a particular product, you can also filter API results by price.  For instance, to find shampoo with an average price under $5, you can use the following query:{“avg_price”:{“$lte”:5}}

preview the data

If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend a little more on their hair care, you can easily get a list of the most premium hair care brands by combining a facet call with an average price and category filter:{“$and”:[{“avg_price”:{“$gte”:30},”category”:{“$bw”:”hair”}}]}

preview the data and view the faceted list of brands on the right


We hope you find the addition of these attributes useful and we can’t wait to see what you build with them.  You can explore all our product data, including our new attributes, by visiting our shiny new Data Preview.  Visit our Global Products page to learn more, sign up for an API key, and find links to documentation.

As always, retailers and manufacturers interested in including their product data and links in our Global Products dataset can visit our Merchant Partners page for more information.

– John Delacruz
Product Manager, Factual Global Products