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Ask an Intern with Sarah Krasnik (Data Team, Summer 2015)

This post is part of a series of Q&A’s with former Factual interns. Read more here.

Name: Sarah Krasnik
School: Johns Hopkins University
Major: Mathematics and Cognitive Science
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Tell us what projects you worked on over the summer at Factual.
The area of interest that I wanted to dive into this summer was natural language processing — and at Factual
I did. Working on a project on Global Places categories, I
experimented with different models and neural networks that I had learned about in theory, but had never used
in practice. In the beginning of the summer, let alone when I was applying at the end of fall semester in 2014,
I did not have that much coding experience, which really limited how I compared to other applicants when
applying to more software engineering heavy positions that incorporated machine learning and natural language
processing. At Factual, I was given the time and resources to learn different languages and techniques, as well
as projects which were very interesting and targeted my interests.

How did your experience working at Factual compare to your expectations going in?
Expectations were exceeded! The intern events were so much fun and really were a great way to get to know
others outside of the workplace.

Share a favorite experience from your time in Los Angeles
The company-wide events were the highlight for me this summer. Between Beach Day and happy hours, this was
the time when I got to see what the people at Factual are all about. Whether I heard conversations on craft
beer or Clojure code, this is where I talked to so many different people from different teams about Factual,
tech, and just plain life. The combination of these and the intern events, where we were really able to talk
personally with other people, was perfect.

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