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Ask an Intern with Steven Lam (Front Team, Summer 2015)

This post is part of a series of Q&A’s with former Factual interns. Read more here.

Name: Steven Lam
School: Cornell University
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Ithaca, NY

What made you decide on an internship at Factual?
What I was looking for in an internship was a combination of being able to do high impact work and to have a
great experience. It seemed to me that Factual offered both of those more than most other companies could.
Since Factual is a successful and fast growing startup, the potential for me to do impactful work was greater
when compared to most other larger tech companies.

With respect to wanting a great experience, my interactions with Factual before and after receiving an
internship offer made it apparent that there was a genuine group of people that cared deeply about the
experience interns had over the summer. In addition to that, the internship is based in LA which isn’t
something I would consider normal for tech startups, but LA is a very diverse place and never gets boring.

Which team did you intern with? Tell us about working with your team.
I interned on the Front Team1. Looking back at my experience, I find it remarkable that I felt so
involved and a part of the whole team even though I only worked with a small number of the members.

How did your experience working at Factual compare to your expectations going in?
In terms of work, people, and culture, I can say that my expectations were exceeded. I always worked on
something that I thought was useful and meaningful, all of the people I had the pleasure of interacting with in
the company were very nice and a pleasure to be around, and the culture of the company was very good.

Share a favorite experience from your time in Los Angeles
My favorite experience during my time in LA was definitely Factual Beach Day by far. Having almost the entire
company go out and have fun together and just enjoy each other’s company was wonderful. All of the mini events
and things to do which were set up were also great (I probably won’t be surfing again any time soon though).

What is something you learned at Factual that you think will help you in the professional world?
The coordination and teamwork skills I learned firsthand through my experience at Factual are extremely useful
and valuable and will undoubtedly be helpful in the professional world.

What new skills or technologies did you learn over the summer?
For both of my projects I needed to learn how to use React, a JavaScript UI library and Flux, an application
architecture, which were things I only heard about previously. I was also able to get a chance to work more
with build tools, which is something I wanted to get more experience with anyway – so that was very convenient.

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  1. The Front Team is responsible for the public facing applications of Factual, including our APIs, customer facing products and tools, and our official company website.