Helping People Get from Place to Place – Announcing a Data Partnership with Uber

Today Factual is announcing a major data partnership with Uber that would enable Uber to access Factual’s Global Places™ data for Uber’s product and service offerings. Additionally, as part of the partnership, edits generated by Uber to Factual places used by Uber will be provided back to Factual, improving the quality of the Global Places data for everyone.

Transportation and logistics services require high quality places data to operate properly and efficiently. Uber will use Factual’s Global Places data to customize and enhance the pickup and dropoff experience for riders and drivers.

Factual’s Global Places data covers 95 million local businesses and points of interest in 50 countries. The data includes multiple attributes for each place including name, address, phone number, latitude and longitude (geocode), category, and many more.

Uber, with operations in more than 400 cities in nearly 70 countries and services across both passenger ridesharing and product delivery, has a particularly high bar with respect to data needs and requirements. This partnership validates Factual’s relentless focus on building high quality data and the value of a data stack that has the ability to synthesize billions of pieces of information from millions of different sources into clean structured data and update the data in real-time.

On December 30th, 2015, Uber announced their 1 billionth ride. We are excited to be helping Uber and its millions of drivers get the next billion rides (and all the billions after that) from place to place.

Factual and Facebook Expand Location Data Partnership

We are proud to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Facebook. This
past August we announced that Facebook would be using our
Global Places data to improve the
quality of their data in the United States. This expanded partnership covers
additional countries in EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. The data is used across many features
in Facebook including Facebook Business Pages, places search, Check Ins, and Place
Tips. With this expansion, our data will be helping shape the mobile experience for
hundreds of millions of mobile users around the world.

Factual and Facebook Partner to Improve Location Data Across Facebook

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Facebook. Facebook will be using our Global Places data, including Restaurants and Hotels extended attributes, in order to help enrich and improve the quality of Facebook’s US places data. This data will be used across many features in Facebook including Facebook Business Pages, places search, Check Ins, and Place Tips.

Factual Debuts Two New Tools for Geofencing and Audience Targeting, Putting Location Data in the Hands of the Client

Factual is excited to launch two new product features to make it easier for marketers to take advantage of the power and flexibility of our Geopulse Proximity and Geopulse Audience products. The Geopulse Proximity Designer and Geopulse Audience Builder are transparent and powerful self-serve tools that enable our partners to craft their campaigns – using geofencing or location based audiences – to reach precisely the right audience.

Factual to Enhance First Data’s Insightics Solution for SMBs

First Data has chosen to partner with Factual to enhance its Insightics solution for small and medium sized businesses. Insightics is an innovative cloud-based software that unlocks the power of big data behind payment transactions to give SMB merchants the ability to monitor key business metrics and better understand their customers. First Data already evaluates a vast amount of data, but needed more in depth data for additional attributes and intelligence. This collaboration goes beyond transactional processing and produces advanced business and consumer insights that help merchants to grow their businesses.

It’s a big deal for small businesses to get actionable insights about their business. How many new versus repeat customers they have been getting the past few weeks, is an important thing to know. SMBs may also want to know which part of the local neighborhood customers come from and how far are customers willing to travel to come to their store. If the SMB is having a good or bad month, is it just that SMB or all similar businesses in the area? Delivering such capabilities requires all the horsepower of state of the art big data analytics presented in an extremely easy to understand manner to the merchant. That’s what First Data Insightics does.

InMobi Inks Global Partnership with Factual to Increase Mobile Ad Efficacy for Brands

Today we announced a partnership with InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising platform, to create a rich set of audience targeting solutions for brand advertisers. InMobi’s anonymous data set of global mobile consumer activity will be combined with Factual’s location-based data to build geo-derived audience segments worldwide. This partnership enables marketers to globally leverage a richer set of geo-targeting features that incorporate geo-based consumer intelligence at a large scale.

Factual and StrikeAd extend US Partnership to Offer Location-Based Ad Targeting Capabilities Globally

We are excited to announce the extension of our partnership with StrikeAd, the leader in programmatic advertising across multiple devices. While StrikeAd has been running mobile ad campaigns using Factual’s Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity products in the US since the beginning of 2014, StrikeAd is now rolling these targeting capabilities out on a global basis, enabling their European and Asian clients to use the sophisticated location-based targeting capabilities that Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity provide.