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Princeton Startup Weekend 2011 Contest

Factual is sponsoring this weekend’s Princeton Startup Weekend. If you’re not familiar with Startup Weekend, learn about it on their site. The details for this weekend’s event: November 11-13, 2011 Friend Center for Engineering Education Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Factual is hosting a contest and awarding $500 to the team that demonstrates the best use of...

Gil's Web 2.0 Summit Speech & Interview [Video]

Gil delivered a speech at last week’s Web 2.0 Summit called “A Path to Data Liquidity”.  See the speech below and also an interview where Gil discusses Factual, our data, and our philosophy. Talk: “A Path to Data Liquidity” > Interview:

Gil Elbaz at Web 2.0 Summit – A Path to Data Liquidity

Gil will be speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit tomorrow (Tuesday 10/18/11) at 4:45 pm in the Grand Ballroom. His speech, titled “A Path to Data Liquidity”, will discuss how data accessibility is crucial to increasing rates of innovation and some ideas on how to facilitate increased access to data. The speech touches on some of...

Tyler Bell's and Leo Polovets' Post-Game Interviews from Strata NYC

Last week at Strata NYC Tyler Bell and Leo Polovets gave a talk titled “Dedupe, Merge, and Purge: the Art of Normalization.” They discussed the importance of entity resolution within a business context and the process of canonicalization. After their talk, they were each interviewed by Strata representatives. Leo’s Interview: Tyler’s Interview:

Factual Speaking at O’Reilly’s Strata Conference

O’Reilly is bringing its big data conference, Strata, to New York City from September 19-23 with the theme “Making Data Work.” The conference features great speakers from organizations such as LinkedIn, Google, The New York Mets, Greylock Partners, IBM, Kaggle, and NASA. Factual’s own Tyler Bell and Leo Polovets will be giving a talk titled “Dedupe,...