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Investigating Low Quality Location Data #2 - Suspicious Activity Over Greenland

Note: For an in-depth, technical look into the research process, please refer to the lab notes companion to this post. A significant percentage of locations reported in the mobile ad ecosystem - anywhere from 30% to 70% - is of insufficient quality for use in location based mobile ad targeting, measurement, or analytics. In our previous...

A Year in Data - 2015 Review

2015 was a big year here at Factual, and of course we’re talking about the data. We’re obsessed with keeping our Global Places accurate and fresh, and believe it shows in the millions of data updates we made in 2015.

Changes in our Global Places Data – Q4 2015

When the world changes, Factual changes with it. That’s why we made millions of updates to our Global Places in Q4 of 2015. Since our last report, we’ve added 3.4 million new places, removed 1.4 million businesses no longer in operation, and updated at least one field1 in 3 million places for the 11 countries below....

Major Update to Healthcare Providers Data

We are excited to announce the latest release of our Healthcare Providers data. This release integrates our healthcare dataset into Factual’s latest data stack. Among the benefits: Download licensees may now access updates to the data through the Diffs API. Healthcare data can be updated or new records added using the Write API. Those updates can...