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Joel Spolsky, Stack Exchange CEO and Co-Founder, Talks at Factual on How to Have Nice Things

Friday afternoons are a special time at Factual, not just because it’s getting close to the weekend. Each Friday, the company provides a catered lunch in our HQ office in Los Angeles (at our satellite offices, teams go out together for a sponsored lunch). While the entire office eats and socializes (which in and of itself...

The Tech Cat Show: Gil Elbaz on Contextual Mobile Experiences

Note: This was originally posted on Voice America on 11/25/15, avaiable here. Factual CEO and Founder Gil Elbaz sat down with Lori H. Schwartz on the Tech Cat Show to talk about his decision to become an entrepreneur, Factual’s mission as a neutral location data provider, and the future of contextual mobile experiences.

Changes in our Global Places Data – Q3 2015

At Factual, we are dedicated to keeping our Global Places data clean and up to date at all times. We are constantly removing closed businesses, adding newly opened ones, and updating businesses that have otherwise changed. Below is a summary of some changes that we’ve made since our last update. In the 11 countries listed here,...

Mobile Advertising Watch Podcast: Gil Elbaz on the Power of Location Data for Effective Mobile Advertising

Note: This was originally posted on Mobile Advertising Watch on 7/23/2015, available here. In an interview with Mobile Advertising Watch, Factual CEO Gil Elbaz discusses the increasingly important purpose served by data and location technology in the efforts spearheaded by advertisers and developers alike. He touches on key issues including: optimizing use of mobile data, consumer...

Changes in our Global Places Data – Q2 2015

Things change. At Factual, we recognize this applies to the world businesses and points of interest represented in our Global Places data. Every day, businesses open, close, move, shift ownership, update their names, and change in all other manner of ways. For this reason, our engineers dedicate considerable energy to always ensuring that our data remains...