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Factual Enables Marketing Through Anticipatory Computing – Tyler Bell at Mobile World Congress [Video]

Watch Tyler Bell, Factual VP of Product, talk about the role of location in the future of mobile personalization at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona here.

Jack in the Who? Popular Fast Food You’ve Never Heard Of

We are often surprised when things we’ve grown up with and become accustomed to are utterly foreign to people on the other side of the same country. To explore this idea, I took a spin through Factual’s data to look at fast food chains around the US that, depending on who you talk to, might be...

Solving the Christmas Conundrum: Using Global Places Data to Optimize Holiday Shopping

Now that it’s December, the holiday season is fully upon us. Here in the US, it is impossible to escape the season of gifting, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Whether for your office Secret Santa, to avoid showing up empty handed to a holiday party, or to appease your mother who always insists on getting...

A Slice of Factual’s Data: Analyzing Pizza Preferences Across the US

Thin crust or deep dish? There are about as many uses for Factual's dataset as there are data points. Today, we leveraged this power to solve one of life's more important questions: which is more popular New York or Chicago style pizza? To find the truth, we cracked open our Restaurants Data1 and took a look at...

The Next Wave of Mobile Sharing – Gil Elbaz at Launch Mobile & Wearables Summit [Video]

Factual CEO and Founder Gil Elbaz spoke at the recent Launch Mobile & Wearables Summit in San Francisco.  Listen to his discussion the about the exciting possibilities stemming from the availability of new types of data that can now be collected from mobile devices.