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Beyond Maps: An Intro to Leveraging Location Data for Products and Business Intelligence

Today’s leading businesses have one thing in common: they understand how to use data to their competitive advantage. Top companies need to enable quick decision making to stay abreast of consumer expectations and industry innovation. Location data is a powerful tool for product development and business intelligence, but navigating the many use cases can be overwhelming.

Factual has helped organizations of all sizes make more strategic decisions that have resulted in measurable business results. To highlight location data’s potential, we have compiled some of the innovative ways business leaders can use location data. Let’s take a look at some of the key highlights in our e-book, Beyond Maps: An Intro to Leveraging Location Data for Products and Business Intelligence.

Creating Personalization in Products and Apps with Location Data
Location data allows you to create highly-personalized, contextually relevant mobile app experiences. Product and app developers integrate location data to enable an array of personalization use cases based on factors such as location, time of day and user behavior. We cover popular examples of this functionality in the full e-book.

Location Data for Analytics and Business Intelligence  
Location data is a critical component of business intelligence. It can tell you where your customers have been, and where they haven’t, as well as how they interact with the physical world. Learn how business leaders derive meaningful insights from location data that can influence their growth strategies, faster decision-making and even drive creative cost-savings opportunities.

How To Choose a Location Data Partner
Most businesses recognize location data’s importance, but many struggle to develop processes and acquire the tools and partnerships needed to best leverage it. Because of these challenges, finding the right data provider for your company can be a challenge. In the e-book, you’ll find five key questions to consider as you evaluate potential partners.

Download the full free e-book to learn:

  • How Data is a Competitive Advantage
  • Location Use Cases with Real-world Examples
  • How To Choose a Location Data Partner
  • What Makes Factual Global Places Data Unique

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