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Changes in our Global Places Data – Q2 2015

Things change. At Factual, we recognize this applies to the world businesses and points of interest represented in our Global Places data. Every day, businesses open, close, move, shift ownership, update their names, and change in all other manner of ways. For this reason, our engineers dedicate considerable energy to always ensuring that our data remains an accurate representation of the real world.

Below is a summary of some changes that we’ve made since our last update. In the 11 countries listed here, we added about 6.6 million places, discarded about 1.9 million old records, and updated at least one field1 in 4.1 million records.

2015 Q2 Additions, Deletions, Updates

See the breakdown of these updates by field in the chart below2.

2015 Q2 Additions, Deletions, Updates

Keeping up with all of the changes in the world’s places is tough, but we’re up to it.

– Julie Levine, Marketing Associate


  1. Fields include: address, address extended, country, locality, name, PO box, postcode, region, telephone number.
  2. Note that some records had updates to more than one field, thus the number of updates is larger than the number of updated records.