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Changes to TOS

We’ve made three modifications to Section 7 of our API Terms of Service:

  1. You agree to display the Factual ID in machine readable format on any pages where Factual Data is incorporated.
  2. We’re keen that the Factual ID is perpetuated with the entity as functional attribution. If you have local entity pages that have Factual data, please embed the ID in a machine-readable format:

        <meta name="factual" content="" />

  3. You may not systematically query the Factual API in a manner to obtain and cache data for a given locality, region or country.
  4. The API is intended for runtime use, so we don’t want those walking our data to take up bandwidth; if you need a download, just give us a shout.

  5. Factual may suspend or throttle Services until we believe the number of API calls will not exceed capacity limitations. You will not take steps to circumvent any technical measures Factual may put in place to implement throttling or suspension.
  6. Here we’re clarifying that we equitably balance calls to the API to ensure that simultaneous users have the resources they need. We’ll slow you down if your appetite exceeds the capacity of the free buffet. This does not include use of our supported (read: paid) service.

As usual with Terms of Service, we may change it at any time without advance notice. However, we’ll endeavor always to publicize any modifications on our blog and Dev Mailing List.

– Tyler