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Christmas Trees and The Customer Journey – What Footfall Reveals

Now that Thanksgiving feasting is behind us, it’s time to turn to another activity many of us share – choosing and decorating the perfect tree for the holidays. 

With so many of us simultaneously lugging spruces and pines back to our homes, we wondered: what else do people do while they’re out shopping for the one? Are there any patterns or traditions we might share? To answer these questions, we looked at foot traffic to businesses people visited within six hours of visiting a Christmas tree farm or lot.

Here’s what location data revealed about the Christmas tree shopper’s journey:

Tree decorating goes hand-in-hand with movie night!

Our data shows that this holds true for both rural and urban shoppers.

Walmart is the go-to stop for rural shoppers.

Walmart is actually one of the top five destinations for urban shoppers as well, indicating that shoppers could be picking up ornaments and other festive decorations. Target, however, ranks much lower for both groups. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for Target to increase the promotion of its holiday wares during this time!

Urban shoppers need their Grande Peppermint Mochas.

Errands versus Day Trips

Urban shoppers tend to make tree shopping a part of their usual errands and can be seen at grocery stores like Vons, Aldi, and Sprouts Farmers Market before or after tree shopping. They also pick up their trees throughout the week. Rural shoppers, on the other hand, pick out their trees on weekends and likely have to drive farther distances. They’re often seen at gas stations (Shell, Exxon, BP) and convenience stores (Kangaroo Express, QuickChek, 7-Eleven) along the way.

Regardless of industry, whether you’re Target or Starbucks or Vons, it’s clear that retailers can benefit from knowing where their customers are likely to visit during the holidays in order to better target customers with more personalized messages and offerings.

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