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Consumers & Data Privacy Perceptions: A Factual Report

In today’s increasingly connected world, consumers are more aware than ever that data is generated, collected and used to shape both their digital and physical experiences. At the same time, there’s a general sense of confusion and uncertainty about what goes on behind the scenes to enable these experiences. 

To get a sense of where consumer understanding lies, we turned to the University of Southern California, MS in Applied Psychology Program (USC MAPP) to explore consumer sentiment and behavior around data privacy and the use of data, including for the personalization of data-driven advertising and products.

Key findings within our Consumers & Data Privacy Perceptions report include:

  •  Younger generations are generally less concerned about data privacy and are more willing to share data, especially if it will benefit them with improved experiences.
  • The biggest data privacy concerns center on fraud and harm.
  • Consumers prefer personalized experiences, especially on the social platforms, yet they also claim they’re least comfortable sharing data with those platforms.
  • If consumers know the benefits they’ll receive by providing their data and trust that the data will be protected, they’re more willing to share it.

For more results and recommendations on what these findings can teach us, the full Consumers & Data Privacy Perceptions report is available here.