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Crosswalk API

Factual is happy to announce the beta launch of the Factual Crosswalk API, which makes it super easy for developers to translate how Place entities are represented by 3rd party APIs and websites. This is a first in a series of releases to make factual information more accessible and normalize content across the Web.

This is a free API. For now, the launch is US only, but expect the remainder of our 40+ countries to follow shortly.

Factual Crosswalk does four things:

  1. Converts a Factual ID into 3rd party identifiers and URLs
  2. Converts a 3rd party URL into a Factual canonical record
  3. Converts a 3rd party namespace and ID into a Factual canonical record
  4. Provides a list of URLs where a given Factual entity is found on the Internet

This data management API makes working with Places across multiple sites easier – think of this as one component of a Universal Translator for places. Local developers can use Factual Crosswalk to:

  • Create unique Local experiences and applications incorporating the best data and features from multiple social-local platforms and websites
  • Build aggregation services that analyze social activity for the same store or chain
  • Clean and merge Places datasets
  • Enable business owners to see how their brands and stores are represented online

See a quick-and-dirty to highlight some of the data available in Crosswalk.

Factual strives to make this data accessible and available, but we’re also keen to tell you where these real-world things are found online. To this end, the Crosswalk API exposes more than 500 million URLs where we have found place references.

To create this resource, we’ve collaborated with some great partners who are helping us maintain their canonical URLs and IDs in Factual. So here’s a shout out to Fwix, Hunch, CityGrid, Citysearch, Urbanspoon, SimpleGeo, Loopt, GrubHub, Gogobot, Openmenu, GreatSchools, Retailigence, HotelsCombined, Menuplatform and Allmenus – many more available namespaces are listed in the documentation. We’re thrilled to have them involved and we’d love to see more – if you are interested in having your URL and/or IDs referenced, please contact us.

More information:

– Bill Michels, VP Developer Platform