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Customizable Audience Segments in LATAM with Retargetly

Factual is dedicated to bringing the highest quality location data to marketers worldwide, enabling them to better reach, engage, and understand consumers, and we’re excited to announce our first LATAM-specific partnership with Retargetly, a leading full stack data company, to make Factual audience segments available in the region.  

Factual location data is now available within the Retargetly platform, and users in LATAM can begin to access highly customizable, scalable and accurate audience segments built on real-world consumer behavior. Marketers can leverage these audience segments to not only find new customers, but also to deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right times.  

To support Factual’s dataset, Retargetly has rebuilt its data ingestion process to be able to handle terabytes of data in real-time. The integration of Factual’s audience segments into Retargetly’s advanced data management solution allows marketers to seamlessly access and immediately enable this data.

“Factual is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of geolocation, and through the Retargetly Audience Marketplace, Factual’s data will be available to over one thousand data buyers across Latin America.” – Santi Darmandrail, Managing Director at Retargetly Data

We’re excited to partner with Retargetly to bring more competitiveness to the LATAM market and provide more resources to regional marketers!

Retargetly customers can begin leveraging Factual audience segments today. To learn more about how to access Factual location data in the LATAM region, contact us here.