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Empowering Women at Factual

Earlier this month, seven of the brightest women at Factual, myself included, attended the 2019 Grace Hopper Conference for women in technology. Somehow I’ve managed to eke out 15 years working in Tech but have never made it to Grace Hopper. Being surrounded by thousands of smart, fun, nerdy women was exciting, and I’m so grateful to Factual for sending us.

I’ve been at Factual for a year and was immediately impressed with the culture – there’s a history of grass-roots organizations within the company, where individuals work together to create the change they want to see in their teams and at Factual as a whole. I admire the women here, not just for voicing concerns they have, but for their participation in shaping solutions – such as how career bands are defined and improvements in family planning and maternity and paternity leave policies (Factual now offers 12 weeks of paid leave and medical benefits that include perks for new parents, like on-call lactation specialists and fertility treatment).

Three months ago, we began formalizing culture groups. My colleague, Elise Bercovitz, and I teamed up to co-lead Women@Factual. Inspired by the actions of women at Factual, we decided to focus our efforts on empowering women and increasing the visibility of women’s accomplishments.

We’ve started by partnering with our People Operations team to support the personal and professional development of women at Factual. This summer we held two trainings: one on Negotiation (just in time for mid-year reviews!) and one on Influence. In the fall, we’re working on additional sessions on personal finance, hard conversations and dealing with conflict. All topics that women have asked for.

We have so much more we want to accomplish to make Factual an even better place for women to develop their careers and showcase the impact they’re making at Factual. We’ve started a committee to understand and make recommendations to ensure equitable pay for women and minorities, and we’re identifying recruiting strategies to ensure diverse candidates in each of our pipelines.  

To that end, I’m excited to share that we’re bringing diverse teams to each of the seven universities we’re recruiting at this fall. I hope that as young women talk to Factual, they’ll see people who look like them, and see a company where they can grow and thrive.

If you’re interested in joining the Factual team, take a look at our open positions!