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Why Every Business Needs a Location Data Strategy

Today, data is everywhere and new data is being created all the time. Data can drive businesses forward and knowing how to use it wisely creates a competitive advantage. That’s why Factual’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Czarny, teamed up with LSA’s VP of Strategy & Insights, Greg Sterling, to talk about ”Why Every Business Needs a Location Data Strategy” in our latest webinar.

Together, they walked their audience through the evolution of location data, starting from points-of-interest and proximity-based advertising to location analytics. Whether you’re looking for customer intelligence and market insights, or to build a more personalized product or mobile app, incorporating a location data strategy into your growth plan is a must. Brian and Greg explain what location data is available and how to put it to use. Additional use cases for location data include:

  • Search and display of locations in a map or product
  • Deeper customer intelligence and insight
  • Personalization
  • Data driven decisions & analytics

Watch the full webinar below to learn how some of the fastest growing technology companies like Uber and WeWork are using Factual data to help achieve their success.


Interested in learning more about Factual’s location data and how it can help your business? Contact our team here.