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Expanding Our Data in Apple Maps

We are excited to provide Apple with access to and tighter integration with our Global Places data.

Places data changes constantly as new businesses open, old businesses close, or businesses change locations or change aspects of themselves. Our data stack is designed to distill down billions of pieces of information from millions of different sources into a clean, comprehensive, up to date database of places in 50 countries. It incorporates new inputs in real-time and can quickly rebuild the entire data set as we improve the data stack itself, giving us an incredible amount of flexibility and agility in building data. The sophistication of our data stack and resulting flexibility and agility improves our ability to provide better and more timely data to Apple Maps.

Furthermore, a core tenet of Factual is our neutrality – we do not build consumer facing products, so we do not compete with our app partners. Our business is enabling others to build amazing applications with data and we look forward to continuing to provide our entire data set to Apple Maps.

Here’s to better data for all.

–Bill Michels, SVP of Product and Partnerships