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Facebook Further Expands Location Data Partnership with Factual

Today, we are extremely pleased to announce the expansion of our Global Places partnership with Facebook.

Factual’s partnership with Facebook began in August 2015 with Facebook licensing our US Places data, including Restaurants and Hotels extended attributes, to support Facebook business pages, places search, check-ins, and more. The partnership grew over time and now includes countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific – tapping into our Global Places™ data that is updated in real time and covers more than 100 million places across 52 countries.

Today’s announcement continues the strong data partnership between Factual and Facebook and includes expanded international Global Places coverage and access to Factual’s Crosswalk offering. Crosswalk connects physical locations to their online presence by mapping Factual Place IDs to related IDs and URLs across 10+ different namespaces. This creates an effortless way to translate Factual’s identifier of a given place to another platform’s URL for the same place, which can be useful for incorporating links or accessing data from another API.

At Factual, we believe quality data provides a strong foundation for strong products, and we’re excited to work with leaders like Facebook who share similar views and understand how to use data to creating market-leading, compelling user experiences on a worldwide scale.