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Factual Speaking at EMC Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform and Churchill Club’s The Big Data Effect

We are excited to be a part of EMC Greenplum’s Unified Analytics Platform (UAP) product announcement! Greenplum’s UAP empowers companies and data scientiests to execute a unified, collaborative and agile approach to analytics, supporting a data-driven culture and the growing big data community. Factual’s open data platform is designed to help others innovate faster with data, which is really symbiotic with the goals and ethos of Greenplum’s UAP. We feel very fortunate to be an early participant in this promising ecosystem.

UAP will be launched through the webcast “BIG DATA: The Answer to Agile.” Factual’s CEO and founder Gil Elbaz will be joining Pat Gelsinger (President and COO, EMC), Bill Cook (President, Greenplum), Scott Yara and Luke Lonergan (Co-founders, Greenplum) as they discuss how organizations can use their data to drive real value. The webcast is on Wednesday December 7 at 4:00 pm (watch it here). Following the webcast, Gil will be participating in a conversation hosted by the Churchill Club titled “The Big Data Effect” along with Keith Collins (SVP and CTO, SAS), Luke Lonergan, Anand Rajaraman (SVP Walmart Global E-Commerce), and Michael Chui (Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute).